Features (Not accessible via GUI)

Features (Not accessible via GUI)
April 23, 2021 No Comments Uncategorized admin

I foresee some delay in the next release in that I have planned to provide a designer (form/group operations) and a few enhanced features to address complex scenarios. However, there are a couple of features that already exist (functional) in the current version, but unfortunately, due to busy schedule, I could not managed to expose them on GUI.

Features are:

  • Grouping – You can group multiple controls and can use them in your Custom DLL to perform group operations.
  • Regex – UI Control can be searched using Regular Expression.
  • Image Comparison Threshold – 0-1 (Zero-to-One) can be defined against KBElement to control image comparison rate.
  • KBElement Tagging & Description – Text fields to associate details with the KBElement.
  • Remoting – QAthingClient + QAthingEngine can be used to address remoting cases.

Individual details are:

Oops! That page can’t be found.

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